Every new Pokémon generation comes with new version exclusives for fans to try and gather up, but it can be hard to complete the dex if you lack the friends or resources to enable these trades. Thankfully, YouTuber Austin John Plays has put together a handy list of trade link codes for fans to get the Pokémon they need.

As you can see in the above Tweet, Austin John Plays has organized codes for you to get starters, legendries, version exclusives, and even foreign language dittos for Masuda-method breeding. If you want a full explanation on how this works we highly suggest watching Austin John Plays’ video on the codes which we have posted at the top of this article, but to explain the process in it’s simplest terms.

Step 1: Connect to the Internet

Step 2: Access the Poké Portal

Step 3: Select “Link Trade”

Step 4: Enter desired code from the above Tweet and begin searching

Step 5: When paired with someone be sure to check and see if they have the Pokémon you want, if not, repeat until desired result.

And there you have it! These should be a great way for the community to rally together to share some of their Pokémon with others who need them.

Speaking personally, I’ve used the codes to nab myself the other starters and version exclusives so it does work with a little patience.

Austin John Plays encourages people to share the codes around and we do as well! The more people engaging with these codes the more useful they will be.

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1+ y ago

Nice to see Austin John’s content shared. He cranks out so much good stuff.


1+ y ago

I like the concept, but virtually every single code I tried just ended with me and the other person trading the same things.