Sonic Frontiers is a bold departure for the Sonic series, retaining Sonic’s signature speed while adding open world gameplay into the mix. Some fans may still be wondering whether this is what Sonic games will look like going forward, or if Frontiers is just a one-off. Well, in a new interview with, Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka clarifies that this is meant to be the start of a new era.

Sonic Frontiers is set to set a new template, just like Sonic Adventures did in 1998. What does this mean for the game and players?

Yes, you are right. Just like Sonic Adventure, our goal for Sonic Frontiers was to create a game that would be the cornerstone of future Sonic games. It is a brand-new approach for the franchise, but we have been conscious to honor Sonic’s roots as well - the game still needs to feel like a Sonic game.

[Takashi Iizuka,]

Sonic games have experimented in the past, but many of them certainly fell into a familiar formula after the release of the 3D Sonic Adventure titles. It sounds like that’s exactly what the team is hoping to achieve with Frontiers, and that its open world gameplay is set to become a mainstay of the franchise.

We’ll have to wait and see exactly what form the next Sonic game takes. Until then, you can read the full interview with Iizuka, in which he elaborates on exactly how they combined elements of old and new for Sonic Frontiers.

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