Nintendo Switch Sports 'Get Moving' commercial

Name a better combo than old people and virtual bowling

29 November 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Nintendo’s marketing machine was kicked into overdrive a few weeks back, and they’re pushing multiple Switch titles for the holiday season. One of the games to get the spotlight in numerous commercials is Nintendo Switch Sports, and yet another example of that has popped up today.

This Nintendo Switch Sports commercial, dubbed ‘Get Moving,’ focuses on the combo of Bowling and elderly people. You might remember that Wii Sports was the killer app for the Wii, wooing even the later generations to check out what Nintendo had to offer. Nintendo is hoping to create that same magic the one-two punch of Switch and Nintendo Switch Sports.

Will spots like these spur on bigger sales for the game during the holidays? I guess we’ll find out at the end of the year!

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