Today brought us the second trailer for the upcoming Mario Bros. animated movie from Nintendo and Illumination. It gave us a great look at what to expect from the film, fleshing out the story and cast considerably. Those of us here in North America will be able to flood cinemas on April 7th, 2023 to check the movie out, but many other places in the world will be able to enjoy the film sooner.

As reported by Videogames Chronicle, multiple regions will get the Super Mario Bros. movie considerably earlier than North America. You can see the complete rundown of release dates in order by timing below.

  • Belgium – March 22
  • Switzerland – March 23
  • Austria – March 24
  • Sweden – March 24
  • France – March 29
  • Australia – March 30
  • Bolivia – March 30
  • Brazil – March 30
  • Central America – March 30
  • Chile – March 30
  • Colombia – March 30
  • Mexico – March 30
  • New Zealand – March 30
  • Paraguay – March 30
  • United Kingdom – March 30
  • Uruguay – March 30
  • Argentina – April 6
  • Ecuador – April 6
  • Italy – April 6
  • Peru – April 6
  • Venezuela – April 6
  • USA – April 7
  • Japan – April 27

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10M ago

That’s strange there is such a difference. There’s a full month between places like Belgium getting the movie compared to Japan of all places.

The days of staggered movie releases have been largely gone since the move to digital. In the past the US would have typically gotten movies before Europe because the physical reels were reused. That isn’t the case anymore because the movie is sent as a digital file.


10M ago

I think this movie is actually done at this point. Remember the original release date was December (likely moved due to Avatar). The April 7 release date in the US lines up with Easter break when most kids will be out of school. The earlier release dates for other countries makes sense to build hype and reviews.