SEGA Reveals Episode 2 of Sonic Frontiers Speed Strats Video Series

In the animal kingdom, they call it progression

01 December 2022
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Today, SEGA published the second episode of Sonic Frontiers Speed Strats, offering insights into the key items players need to collect to progress the game, as well as some tips and tricks for Big the Cat’s fishing minigame.

Check out the latest episode of Sonic Frontiers Speed Strats above, and see below for a breakdown of the topics discussed in the second episode:

Memory Tokens - To save Sonic’s friends from being permanently trapped in Cyber Space, players must collect unique Memory Tokens that represent each of Sonic’s friends throughout the Starfall Islands via exploration, combat and the new Cyloop ability. Not only will Memory Tokens help players uncover more of the islands’ mysteries, but the tokens also reveal side events that add to the overall story.

Portal Gears - Players will need Portal Gears to access the Cyber Space Portals found throughout the open-zone areas. Some portals may need more than one Portal Gear to unlock the stage, so defeat Guardians around the islands to gather more.

Vault Keys - Sonic needs to harness the power of the Chaos Emeralds in order to fight the colossal Titans as Super Sonic. Players can collect Chaos Emerald Vault Keys by completing several missions in each Cyber Space level and exploring the open-zone areas in order to unlock the emeralds from their respective vaults. After completing all of a level’s missions, players will receive three additional keys - making seven in total from one level.

Treasure Chests - When players discover a marker with a blue Treasure Chest icon, they can use Cyloop around the marker to find and collect coveted items such as Memory Tokens, Portal Gears or even Vault Keys.

Fishing - Players can go fishing with Big the Cat in Cyber Space to catch fish and earn Treasure Tokens to redeem key collectables like Memory Tokens, Portal Gears, Vault Keys and more. These Fishing Spots are found by entering Purple Portals in the open-zone areas. Be sure to gather Purple Coins throughout the island, which can be exchanged for additional fishing turns. The shop even has items to upgrade Sonic, such as lost Koco, Red Seeds of Attack, Blue Seeds of Defense and Skill Points.

Egg Memos - To learn more details about the Starfall Islands and its mysteries, players can use Treasure Tokens to buy Egg Memos holding information in Big’s shop. These mysterious voice clips from Dr. Eggman can be accessed in the Voice Logs section of the Fish-o-pedia.

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