New web based Music player for Splatoon 3 available now

Wanna listen to some Splatunes?

01 December 2022
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Splatoon is widely known for its songs covering a wide range of genres. What’s more impressive is that every song is played by an actual in-game band, like the most famous duo Squid Sisters. But if you’ve ever thought “oh, how I wish there was a website where I could easily read all the information about the Splatoon bands and even listen to their songs,” well, look no further! As Nintendo has updated their Splatoon website with a music section where you can see bands’ description, their album covers, a spotlight and even get a sample of many of the songs they play!

If you’d like to explore the site for yourself, you can go here. Note that not all the songs are available yet, but it’s possible that they can add them in the future.

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