Cuphead has been a big hit since 2017, so you might be wondering why it was only announced for a physical release this year, after the Delicious Last Course DLC. In a new interview with Nintendo Life, the Cuphead team elaborates on why they waited so long to release this version of the game, and what makes it special. Check out the quote below from Studio Director Maka Moldenhauer:

Perhaps the single biggest motivating factor to waiting for the release of the Physical Edition was our desire to ensure it represented the complete Cuphead experience. After the release of the original game, we knew internally that there were so many fantastical ideas and cartoon references we left on the cutting room floor, including the full story of how Ms. Chalice factored into our trio of main characters. Knowing that we were going to embark on the development of an expansion, we felt it only made sense to wait until we could guarantee players would get to experience the whole story!

[Maja Moldenhauer, Nintendo Life]

For this release, the Cuphead devs are partnering with iam8bit, and it sounds like they were more than happy with the collaboration. Being “deeply involved” with the process, they suggested that a fully working Cuphead marionette be included in the Collector’s Edition package, and it all looks great!

Click here to pre-order the Cuphead physical edition on Switch for yourself. It’s available for pre-order now, to be delivered sometime in Q1 2023. You can also read the full interview with the developers, in which they elaborate on the music, boss design, Netflix adaptation, and more from the world of Cuphead.

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