Dragon Quest Treasures is now available on Switch, giving fans a new way to interact with the Dragon Quest franchise. This is a spin-off adventure that puts the focus on treasure hunting, and according to the game’s director, this direction was chosen in order to create a casual experience.

Nintendo Life spoke to Tachi Inuzuka, producer on Dragon Quest Treasures, to get more insight on the game’s creation. It seems the goal from the get-go was to give fans of Dragon Quest something a bit more easy-going than a traditional out.

I wanted to make this a game that could be enjoyed casually, and after a winding process of experimentation, I finally settled on the idea of a treasure-hunting game.

[Tachi Inuzuka, producer]

Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii commented on the game as well, saying he felt the idea was a good fit for the characters.

I have a feeling that this project was originally launched as a new DRAGON QUEST MONSTERS series, but Mr. Inuzuka said that he would like to make it a game about searching for treasure, so I approved that idea. I also felt that the characters of Erik and Mia were well-suited to treasure hunting.

[Yuji Horii, Dragon Quest creator]

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1+ y ago

Very relaxing game. I’ve enjoyed my time with it so far.