Snowboard Kids was a Mario Kart-esque take on the snowboarding genre that launched on the Nintendo 64. It’s not the most notable game in Atlus’ history but never the less the company is acknowledging the series for it’s 25th anniversary.

Coming December 25th, the soundtracks for Snowboard Kids, Snowboard Kids Plus, and Snowboard Kids 2 (Super Snowboard Kids in Japan) will release on digital streaming platforms!

There is no mention of what specific platforms but it’s safe to assume they mean Spotify or Apple Music. Also interestingly they chose to omit the series’ last game (SBK: Snowboard Kids which released on DS) from this collection of music, hopefully that can change later.

It’s always nice when game companies allow a way for fans to officially support the music from the games they love, hopefully more great music from other series can be made readily available in the future.

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