Holiday seasons grow ever so near, and the Snowbrawl Fight: Freeze Tag event is sure to bring cheer! Brawl with your crew in the snow and ice, but only for a limited time, so don’t think twice!

Snowballs are back to chill your hands and warm your heart! In the Snowbrawl Fight: Freeze Tag Playlist, pelt your opponents until they “freeze” in Ballform, then throw them into the stormy Danger Zone for an ice-cold KO! Win three Zones to put the WIN in Winter for the round!

Warmer than a mug o’ cocoa, you’re sure to find some snow-ready delights in the limited-time Winter Hat Shop. Stock up on Winter Tickets by brawling during the Snowbrawl Fight: Freeze Tag event and give yourself the gift of holiday-appropriate headwear!

It’s Season’s Beanings for all, and for all, a good fight! The Snowbrawl Fight season begins December 20th – Happy Brawlidays!

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