GameXplain has released their official Best of the Year Awards video for 2022. In this hour long discussion, the staff of GameXplain debate over which games deserve the wins in a variety of categories. Of course, some Nintendo Switch games are winners here, including Kirby and the Forgotten Land and Splatoon 3.

Watch the video above for the full in-depth discussion, or see below for the list of categories and their winners.

  • Best New Mechanic - Snapping in Marvel Snap
  • Most Worth the Wait - Kirby and the Forgotten Land
  • Most Disappointing - Mario Strikers Battle League
  • Best Multiplayer - Splatoon 3
  • Best New Pokemon - Palafin
  • Best Open World - Sonic Frontiers
  • Best Bad Game - Vampire Survivors
  • Best Dog - Grapple Dog
  • Best Non-Video Game Video Game Thing - Sakurai’s YouTube channel
  • Best Port of the Year - Persona 5 Royal
  • Best Micro Transaction - Fortnite’s Toon Peely
  • Best Indie Game You Haven’t Heard Of - Somerville

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I'll watch this later, so I'm skipping right past the spoilers.