Switch Online SNES Controller back in stock

This will go SUPER quickly...

31 March 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 1

The Switch Online SNES Controller went out of stock almost as quickly as it launched back in May of last year. The controller has been unavailable ever since, but that has finally changed today.

If you’ve got $30 burning a hole in your pocket, you have another chance to purchase a Switch Online SNES Controller. There’s no word on what stock is like this time around, so you better make your purchase while you still can!

Thanks to Donutmuffin for the heads up!

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2+ y ago

Glad they are back in stock. I swear they remained in stock for much of last year, and then around the time the N64 and Genesis controllers dropped I decided to finally get one and they were sold out until now. I'll pick 2 up just to be safe! Could come in handy for potential multiplayer situations.