Ahead of its April 14th, 2023 release, Capcom has shared some new details on Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection. First up is some footage of Battle Chips and the Custom PET Pack, which you can see above.

Along with this footage, Capcom detailed a unique kind of Battle Chip; the Download Chip. Download Chips were initially only available at certain special events in Japan, but are now included as part of Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection.

We also get details on one of the Battle Chips in particular; the Cannon. The Cannon is an easy-to-use Battle Chip that causes quite a bit of devastation with its explosive nature. You can see it in action via the video above.

Finally, Capcom shared details about the contents of the Custom PET Pack (the early purchase bonus):

  • Mega Man’s Hub Style skin in Vol. 1.
  • Dark Mega Man skin in Vol. 2
  • 4 BGM arrangements to be added to the Music Player

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