Following a Kickstarter success, developer Pupa Productions has confirmed that their survival horror metroidvania, Molochoir, is coming to Switch. We don’t have a specific release date or price point at this time.

In Molochoir you need to utilize stealth, the environment, and clever use of items to survive as you’re extremely vulnerable. You are one of the weakest species in this world meaning you’re at the very bottom of the food chain, however you’re not completely defenseless.

You have a weak melee attack using the proboscis. A retractable knife whip that deals minor damage and recovers a small amount of health by exsanguinating blood from your enemies. This is your most basic form of offense but it comes at a great risk, as you need to be extremely close to your target to land a hit. You won’t be able to siphon any health if the creature you face is incapable of bleeding.

You can also utilize blood magic “Hemomancy” in order to survive. All magic cast will cost a varying portion of health, as well as inflicting other damaging effects depending on the spell. This encourages the player to experiment and switch out spells as stacking certain negative effects will put you at a massive disadvantage, such as loss of sight or constant bleeding. You can only clear yourself of these negative effects by using special items or resting at a checkpoint.

The primary gameplay loop will be recovering health with the proboscis and risking that health to cast a variety of dangerous self harming magic to take down the eldritch horrors that stand in your way. Balancing the negative effects of Hemomancy to best sustain yourself is key to survival in situations that you’re unable to sneak by or utilize items or the environment to land the killing blow.

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This looks interesting. I would prefer if it was in full colour though.