Twenty-six years after the release of the original Pokémon games—Pokémon Red Version and Pokémon Green Version in Japan—the number of Pokémon discovered has finally surpassed one thousand! Let’s celebrate the occasion with a look back at some of your favorite Pokémon!

The number of new Pokémon created with each new installment of the videogame series has slowed over the years, but it’s still crazy to think that there are 1,000 Pokémon out there. I remember when having 151 in a single game was an absolutely absurd number, and now look where we are!

In honor of all 1,008 Pokémon, why not hit up the comments below and let us know which Pokémon is your favorite and why!

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1+ y ago

Watched it earlier. A well put together video. I know so few compared to those that I do know and I’ve played all the games except the most recent versions.


1+ y ago

I’m still partial to an old school Charmander and Charizard. The new mons in Paldea are largely better looking than those of Galar imo.