Are you a big Pokémon fan? Do you have any valuable Pokémon items in your possession? One fan was planning to add a “sealed and graded” WATA copy of Pokémon Yellow to their collection, but unfortunately for them, US Customs had another plan in mind.

Nightdive Studios CEO Stephen Kick shared a story of his friend purchasing the above-mentioned copy of Pokémon Yellow. As the copy was in transit from another country, it eventually had to make its way through US Customs. While we have no idea why, US Customs agents felt this Pokémon Yellow package was incredibly suspicious.

At this point, US Customs felt they had to complete destroy the package in order to ensure its safety. As you can see in the image above, the game’s value was completely ruined during the process. The plastic case was taken apart, the box had its front cover ripped off, and the seal had been discarded as well. Obviously, nothing dangerous was found in the package, which is why it eventually made it to the customer.

Hopefully those person who bought this has some sort of recourse to rectify the situation. They might not be able to get a replacement copy of the game, but let’s hope they can get their money back!

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1+ y ago

What an awful situation. Really hope they manage to do something about it, leave it to Customs to screw things up.

I'm also equally appalled at the comments on the original article, but what can I expect on the internet...


1+ y ago

The US Government doesn't care and he won't get anything out of it.

What do you expect from Nintendo Life in general. It's a toxic site.


1+ y ago


I don't think Nintendo Life was involved in the destruction of the game box

He's talking about the comments on the original article, which is on Nintendo life. I was refering to NL's comunity, it's a pretty toxic one.