Morio Kishimoto, the director of Sonic Frontiers, has been conversing with fans on Twitter about the game and the future of Sonic and some potentially interesting information has come to light.

Below are the two tweets in question followed by a rough translation.

When I started working on this game, I thought a lot about whether or not it would be possible, and decided to hire Boost. I’m still thinking of trying a Sonic game that doesn’t use boosts in my next game…

…Of course I understand the benefits of boost. Please be assured that we will also experiment with the coexistence of boost and spin dash. However, I also have a feeling that I want to challenge the level design without boosts like the ADV series. After all, the ADV series is a legend 😅

[Morio Kishimoto]

Kishimoto reveals that the boost wasn’t always going to be in Sonic Frontiers and now he is considering if it should be dropped from the series to make something more inspired by the Adventure titles.

These are all just musings by Kishimoto though and it’s very possible the boost will return. Kishimoto even entertains a comment that suggests having the boost and adventure-styled spin dash in the same game (something that I’ve personally always wanted).

In the end though, we’ll have to wait for quite a bit to see what form the next Sonic game will take, especially considering that Sonic Frontiers will be receiving hefty content updates throughout 2023. It’ll be interesting to come back to these tweets when the next game is announced and see what Kishimoto and the team decided.

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1+ y ago

Personally I found it super annoying to be going somewhere and then suddenly run into a boost pad or spring and be launched into a "course" where the camera was suddenly fixed.