Speedrunners are always looking for unique methods to get through games, and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is no exception. Now, speedrunner and Zeldathon event member Vidya James has discovered a new use for everyone’s favorite Zora, Princess Ruto. Using a rom to insert her into the game’s final boss area, she can be thrown directly at Ganon himself. She damages him for a single heart each time he connects with her hitbox.

Of course, Ruto can’t be brought here without using hacks and tricks, so this isn’t something that can be replicated in the game normally. Also, the Master Sword is still required to deal the final blow to Ganon, so Ruto can’t do it all on her own. Still, it’s a fun bit of experimentation, and it’s nice for Link to have a partner other than Navi aiding him at the very end.

Watch the Ruto method to defeat Ganon for yourself in the video up above.

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1+ y ago

You've got to be seriously rut(o)less to use that tactic.