Over in the UK, Kirby and the Forgotten Land was the best-selling game last week. The sales were so high that the title became the 5th best-selling Kirby game of all-time in the region. Now, just one week later, Kirby is climbing even higher.

According to this week’s UK sales charts, Kirby and the Forgotten Land was once again #1. Sales dropped 43% week over week, which is actually considerably better than most titles a week after launch. Even more impressive, this first-place finish was enough to make Kirby and the Forgotten Land the 4th best-selling Kirby game ever in the UK.

Remember, this data is only related to boxed copies of games. We have no clue what the digital sales are like, but there’s no doubt Kirby and the Forgotten Land is well on its way to being the the best-selling Kirby game in the UK.

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2+ y ago

Just 100%ed it. Great game! The final final final boss (if you know what i mean) was a real pain though.


2+ y ago

Glad to see the series make a great 3d conversion. I will pick it up when I am done with Elden Ring.