Critically acclaimed puzzler Bonfire Peaks from dev Corey Martin and publisher Draknek & Friends (A Monster’s Expedition, A Good Monster is Hard to Build), is getting its first DLC! Bonfire Peaks: Lost Memories is a 3-part DLC, with the first part coming March 2nd, 2023 to Switch.

The Lost Memories DLC expands on the base game with mind-bending new puzzle mechanics to learn and gorgeous voxel landscapes to explore. Each part of Lost Memories is roughly 1/4 the size of the base game, with part 1 coming in March and parts 2 & 3 coming later in 2023. All 3 parts together cost $15/15 EUR .

Move onwards, move upwards, and leave nothing behind: in Bonfire Peaks, players must climb to the top of a mysterious island ruin, burning everything they own along the way. Featuring hours of masterfully designed puzzle content, a breathtakingly lovely voxel overworld, and not a single second of filler content.

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