Marvel’s Midnight Suns released to critical success but unfortunately didn’t sell as well as Take-Two had hoped.

Jason Schrier revealed in a tweet that Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick told him that he feels the game’s release window is what held it back and that it could potentially have a long shelf-life which could help it recoup it’s losses.

You can read the original tweet below.

While Midnight Suns was announced for Switch we still don’t have a solid release date yet, but considering we are in Nintendo Direct season it’s possible that news could come any day now. It’s very possible that the Switch version of the game could prove to be the shot in the arm that the game needs.

We will of course keep you updated when any news of Midnight Suns’ Switch release drops.

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1+ y ago

I didn't buy it yet because I'm not paying $70 for a game with a season pass as well, even if I really would like to get it. Western publishers have created a market where they aggressively slash the price within a year, even shorter sometimes, lock a huge chunk of the game away in an extra $30, and they think they can raise the price on anything that's not CoD, sports, or GTA? This is just going to be the norm for any lower profile releases going forward with how it is.


1+ y ago

Maybe people are getting tired of superheroes... like I did in 2016.


1+ y ago

Not surprised. No one really seemed to be talking about it before release.