Check out more Dust & Neon gameplay with a dev video

Taking aim at Switch next week

08 February 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

As we’ve already shared, Rogue Games, the meanest publisher in all the West, and dastardly developer David Marquardt Studios have announced that award-winning twin-stick cover-based shooter Dust & Neon will arrive in town February 16th, 2023 on Switch. Switch gamers can pre-order the game today via the Nintendo Store at 20% off.

Want a closer look at the game? Today brings us a new gameplay video featuring commentary from Rogue CEO, Matt Casamassina and Sr. Design Manager, Craig Harris as they share some exciting details.

Spin your spurs as the mysterious cyborg gunslinger with no name and make your mark in the most vicious Wild West tale this side of the apocalypse! Take on armies of robotic baddies with your favorite shootin’ iron and reload those chambers with perfect timing. Will it be the good ‘ole Furious Dual Barrel Embrace of Death or the Frenetic Top Loaded Twenty-Two? In Dust & Neon, keep your guns loaded or dig an early grave.

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