Bear and Breakfast has been updated to Version 1.7.0. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

Bugs and Fixes

  • Added a number of memory usage improvements. The game should make overall better use of system memory.
  • Made a number fixes for edge cases when discarding changes on a room edit.
  • Made a number fixes for edge cases causing loss of furniture items / museum exhibits.
  • Made a number of fixes regarding players getting stuck in map edges, nooks and crannies.
  • Fixed a severe bug caused by canceling furniture placement after previously splitting a stack.
  • Fixed “Rat Tat To It” granting multiple recipes for French Onion Soup when the quest would get back to “In Progress” if placing the soup somewhere else than the main inventory.
  • Fixed NPC sounds that would loop indefinitely if starting an NPC dialogue while they are performing an action.
  • Fixed Barbara’s Highlake Call cutscene focus point, which would leave her speech bubble outside the visible area on small resolutions.
  • Fixed Achievements never getting to steam if they are granted while offline. The achievements are updated when opening the achievement panel.
  • Fixed Guests unable to resolve navigation queries if the game gets saved while they are located in an unbuilt campsite.
  • Fixed Guests that never left if their room got deleted while they were scheduled to arrive the next day.
  • Fixed some edge cases causing objects to appear as unreachable, even though they were reachable.
  • Fixed the snap in Camera Transition occurring when repeatedly changing the focused house.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes allow players to use Triggers to move items from the Inventory to a full Stash, losing the items in the process.
  • Fixed Automation containers (Serving Tables & Boilers) not being locked right after loading a game.
  • Fixed Wall Attachments not checking collisions with other walls other than the one they were attached to. This caused edge cases where slotted surfaces (e.g. Wood Shelves) and the objects on them to land on different rooms, breaking the linkage. Note that old saves can contain furniture that was validly placed back then, but isn’t valid anymore.
  • Fixed Heating Status being reported as “Freezing” although it was quite Comfy.
  • Enabled further Zoom-Out
  • Added the option to Save the game from the Pause menu

Balance and Gameplay Adjustments

  • Added Recycling – Find it in the A24 near the dump.
  • Maximum Stack size for Crafting Materials increased (99 -> 999).
  • Took away Gus’s Scissors.
  • The “Organize” button in the inventory now also auto-stacks items.
  • Left/Right Trigger now automatically transfers the items between inventories while Looting, Stashing or Recycling.
  • The “Recipe Box” Cooking trinket now attempts to also fill ingredients automatically (instead of just cards).
  • Added option to turn the “Trail Mix” trinket off in order to reduce the movement speed.
  • Blocked the ability to completely remove a room’s tiles when editing an existing room.
  • Added a new quest to find Terry-Fin in A24, available after you’ve discovered the A24.
  • Added a new quest to unlock the Recycling feature, available at Anton after you’ve saved Wade.
  • Added a new Special Shop in all buildable areas (Timber Crossing, A24, Highlake, Winterberry and Pinefall)
  • Added 31 new Winter-themed Decorative objects in the new Special Shop.
  • Added 3 new pieces of clothing for Hank, available at the new Special Shop.
  • Added official support for Japanese.

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