Splatoon 2 icons added to Nintendo Switch via Nintendo Switch Online

You can get yours for just a few My Nintendo Platinum Points

05 April 2022
by camcritiques 3

The first Monday of a new month means a new theme for the icons you can redeem for your Switch profile! Last month’s theme was Super Mario Odyssey, and now this month has Splatoon 2 icons. The exact Splatoon 2 designs you can choose will change every week until the theme changes on May 1st.

You can redeem one of these icons for yourself for 5 or 10 Platinum Points via the Switch’s Nintendo Switch Online app.

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Comments (3)


2+ y ago

Every week featured a different kingdom from Super Mario Odyssey and I was hoping to see it continue. I really wanted Bowser and his kingdom featured in the icons. I'm sure it will continue later but it is just a shame that I will have to wait.

Also hoping they do retro game icons with artwork/sprites from those games.

Either way, I'm happy for the Splatoon fans.


2+ y ago

When's the month of Smash Bros.?


2+ y ago

Where is Ankha~!? REEEEEEEE!