Nintendo gave Switch owners a bit of sticker shock today when they revealed that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will be $70. That has quite a few fans worrying that all first party titles will be $70 going forward, but thankfully, that’s not the case.

Game Informer managed to get a statement from Nintendo on the matter. Nintendo was quick to say that they, “determine the suggested retail price for any Nintendo product on a case-by-case basis.” When asked if this would be a trend going forward, Nintendo responded with a clear-cut “no.”

In other words, there will be more $70 games from Nintendo down the line, but don’t expect every title to fall into that category.

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8M ago

So this makes the game vouchers an even better deal? Odd

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8M ago

Extra cost for TOTK is subsidising the cheaper price for Metroid Prime Remaster :)

the schaef

8M ago

Of course they won't all be $70. After all, that slightly shinier version of a 20 year old game only cost $40, so there you go.

In fairness, Nintendo also released simple Wii U ports on Switch for $10 more :)
The discounted Prime remaster is out of character.