A new patch has been announced for Guardian Tales. The patch will be available on February 13th, 2023, and will include new content and events. Check out the full patch notes below.

1. New Hero and Exclusive Weapon

  • SSR Hero : Divine Beast of Harvest Mayreel
  • ★5 Exclusive Weapon : Solaris

2. Contents

  • Nightmare difficulty addition

Nightmare difficulty for World 8 : ‘Mt. Shivering’ will be added.

  • Request for Evolution Stones

. A feature for requesting Hero Evolution Stones amongst guild members.

. Only Evolution Stones for Heroes that you own can be requested.

. Evolution Stones for Heroes that already are Grade 5 or have enough Evolution Stones to become Grade 5 cannot be requested.

. You can earn limited number of Evolution Stones per request.

[SR] Hero: Up to 10 Evolution Stones per request

[SSR] Hero: Up to 2 Evolution Stones per request

Evolution Stone Request can be requested once every 12 hours.

. Request time lasts for 6 hours.

Once you send it, you cannot cancel the request for Evolution Stones.

. The Evolution Stones you requested can be collected when the request is fulfilled or the request time is over.

Added Collections and Equipment

  • This Can’t be Me
  • Bari Wannabe
  • Toy Soldiers


  • Co-op Season 10 and Master Arena Season 4 will progress during the following period. (3 times per day)

02/13 12:00 ~02/20 11:59 (PST)

Guild Raid

  • Guild Raid ‘Grand Hall’ will progress during the period below.

02/15 11:00 ~02/27 10:59 (PST)

3. Shop

  • SSR Hero Growth Package (Mayreel) has been added.

※ The SSR Hero Growth Package will show up once you summon and own the corresponding Hero.

※ The SSR Hero Growth Package can only be purchased for 7 days. It will not show up anymore if unpurchased.

  • 3 Packages celebrating Valentine’s Day will be released.

Period: Feb.13th after maintenance ~ Feb.28th 6:59 (PST)

Please check the details at the Shop in the game after the Feb.14th update.

  • The Hero Costume sale rotation will change.

. Purchase Period: Feb.13 after maintenance ~ Feb.27th 16:59 (PST)

. New Hero Costumes:

-Chocolate Passion Idol Eva

-Chocolate Confession Future Princess

-Honeybee Mayreel

-Hotspring Bathing Miya

-Toy Block Bari

-Racer Marianne

-Toy-gun Hekate

-Doll White Beast

-Mayreel Plushie Bari

-T-Rex Doll Tinia

-Tree Plushie Aoba

-Polar Bear Ranpang

-Mayreel as Maid

4. Event

  • New Hero and Exclusive Weapon
  • Period : Feb.14 after maintenance ~ Feb.27 16:59 (PST)


-SSR Hero Divine Beast of Harvest Mayreel

-SSR Hero Dancing Archer Tinia

-SSR Hero Eight-tailed Fox Nari


-★5 Solaris

-★5 Sarnga

-★5 Sage Bead

Valentine’s Day 50 Free summons for Heroes/Equipment!

  • Event Period: Feb.14 after maintenance ~ Feb.27 16:59 (PST)
  • We’re giving out free x10 time(s) summons per day for Heroes/Equipment (Maximum of 50 times!) if you login during the event period!
  • Any unused 10x free summons will expire once the event ends on Feb.27 16:59 (PST)

Valentine’s Day Attendance will begin.

  • Event Period: Feb.13th after maintenance ~ Feb.27th 16:59 (20 day period)

Let’s go Bingo Machine! Event will begin.

  • Event Period: Feb.13th 17:00 ~ Feb.27th 16:59 (PST)
  • Reward Obtain Period: Mar.6th 16:59 (PST)

5. Others

  • The Hero and Weapon Summons Chance Table will be updated.

Guardian Tales is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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