Animal Crossing getting its own entry in the Boss Fight Books series

Just don't restart the book without saving

14 February 2023
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Boss Fight Books is a series of books all about video games, with each entry featuring a different author writing about one of their favorites. They’re currently running a Kickstarter campaign for Season 6 of the collection, and they’ve just announced that Nintendo’s own social sim Animal Crossing will be the subject of one of the new books!


The aptly titled “Animal Crossing” will focus on the GameCube version of the game and be written by Kelsey Lewin, a writer, podcaster, and video game historian. Lewin is the co-director of The Video Game History Foundation, and even has her own chain of retro game stores in Seattle, Washington.

Click here to view the Boss Fight Books Season 6 Kickstarter and see if you’d like to back it for yourself. There are still more books to be announced, so hopefully we get some more Nintendo love!

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