Nintendo Switch Online Gets Updated With Custom Profile Icons

So, when are we getting Xenoblade icons?

08 March 2022
by cykeswiki 8
Plenty of choices!
Plenty of choices!

Nintendo Switch Online recently got updated with a feature to customize your profile icons with borders, exclusive pictures, backgrounds, and more. The feature wasn’t advertised much by Nintendo, which meant that for a lot of people, it fell by the wayside.

The current offers include two sets of Super Mario Odyssey icons, and one set of Animal Crossing: New Horizons icons. The page to customize icons mentions that the selection will rotate monthly, so if you want to rep your favorite villager in your profile icon with a nice backdrop of the green grass of your island, now’s the time to hop on it.


Of note is that these customizations cost Platinum Points, which any Nintendo Account holder can get rather easily by completing daily missions on the My Nintendo website. The most expensive options cost 10 Platinum Points, so it won’t take too long to get as much as you need to get the icon of your dreams.

Let us know if you’ve purchased any of these custom icons, and if so, what you think of the feature in the comments.

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Comments (8)


2+ y ago

I got several of these icons and backgrounds, and created a few custom icons. It’s better than nothing, I will say that.


2+ y ago

This was such a nice surprise. I copped the Odyssey avatars!

red knight

2+ y ago

Hoping this leads to OS themes.


2+ y ago

@red knight

Yup, would be awesome. Icons is a nice start


2+ y ago

Imagine if Fire Emblem and Xenoblade icons show up...


2+ y ago

I'm hoping that this means that we might possibly get themes next.


2+ y ago

Hoping they eventually decide to do at least the first party Smash Ultimate renders. Surprised we're on year 5 and none of the Mario spinoff mainstays like Wario,Daisy, and Waluigi have icons yet.


2+ y ago

I unlocked a couples (the first Mario ones were based on the first world of Odyssey, and gods I like it’s “Nightmare Before Xmas” aesthetics…), and the only complain I have is that when you make an icon, it sets it automatically as your account icon… which would be nice, but I liked how mine was my Mii with the perfect pose and the the perfect background color, *but I don’t remember what it was*, so I can’t replicate it anymore. T-T

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