Time once again to check in on the software sales in the UK. As usual, we have the top 40 breakdown, along with a bit of commentary on some of the titles. Check out the top 40 titles for the week ending Feb. 18th, 2023 below.


5 of the top 10 titles this week are on Switch, which is a great showing for the Big N. Also, the rundown includes a mix of evergreen titles and some more recent releases, which only goes to show how strong the Switch’s library is.

Here’s some more notes on how these and other titles did in the UK this week.

  • Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line debuts at No.16
  • Tales of Symphonia: Remastered debuts at No.17 -Mario Kart 8: Deluxe holds firm at No.4 with an 18% sales increase week-on-week

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