Nintendo has a deep roster of characters in their library of content, and lately they’ve been looking to spotlight titles that feature some of their iconic personalities. Today, Nintendo is back with two more trailers that feature characters you’ll find throughout the Mushroom Kingdom.

While we’ve already had a trailer that focused on the various games Mario is in, today brings us trailers for both Princess Peach and Bowser. Chances are you know most of, if not all of the games these two characters appear in on Switch, but it never hurts to get a refresher!

With the Super Mario Bros. movie barreling towards its April release, now is the perfect time for Nintendo to make sure fans and newcomers alike know about some of the key players in that film. These Bowser and Peach trailers should do a good job of not only giving the characters some time to shine, but also spreading the word on their many fantastic Switch adventures!

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1+ y ago

Neat but it needs more Thousand Year Door and Super Princess Peach :D