Molly Medusa: Queen of Spit has received a finalized release date. The 3D platformer from developer David Neckbolt Games and publisher Burning Planet will be released for Nintendo Switch on Apr. 20th, 2023. Check out the latest trailer for the game above.

We glean a galatëan dream, a sculptor’s great ambition, its stone face so unfazed, with tender tendons trapped in time, and garbled marble muscles still as stone. Stone, stone, stone! Poor Molly, all your friends are stone!

Solitude and sandy dunes – set sail, you seeker of retribution! Travel through the minotaur’s labyrinthine lair – Bull of Justice; and down the blood-red, undead pomegranate-succulence of the Underworld rivers. Through the owl-haunted halls of Minerva, and past an opulent palace of long fingers and ill-gotten gold. Up is down and down is up. Reality is far behind, on this journey of the mind. Shatter yourself and transcend!

For it is that cruel, cruel curse, that monstrous malady, which coils around your lonely soul, a malefaction of Many-faced Circe, Ulysses’ bane, that makes you a stranger, an untouchable, a queen of spit, toxic to the touch, ill-fitting and spit-dripping in profane profundity, at once s-s-s-serpentine and so sublime – that cruel, cruel curse, which the gods call: MEDUSA.


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