Them’s Fightin’ Herds has been updated to Version 4.0.1. You can see the patch notes for this update below.


Backwards-jump-canceling Velvet’s and Tianhuo’s 6A attacks will now cause them to leave the ground instead of going into preblock. This fixes an inconsistency with every other jump-cancelable move in the game.

Fixed an oversight where Velvet, Oleander, Tianhuo, and Shanty were not in counterhit state after a whiffed level 3 super.

Fixed an oversight that allowed armored attacks to affect level 3 supers from Arizona, Velvet, Oleander, and Pom. These attacks should now successfully break armor. Velvet


The invulnerability for Sculpted Perfection will now occur on frame 7, fixing inconsistencies.


Fixed certain chain attacks not coming out consistently. Players would get forward attacks instead of low attacks. (6A > 3B or 6A > 3C)

Fixed an oversight where Fred 6D had too much blockstop, which caused pushblock or Cross Canter inputs from the opponent to be ignored.


Reversal attacks from Paprika’s opponent no longer cause them to eat a gift. This will change Paprika’s leverage over the opponent during wake-up situations.

Fixed an issue during Deadly Affection where Paprika would sometimes not go into hitstun after being hit by a super attack.

Fixed an issue causing A specials to trigger a gift eat if not negative-edged. As a rule, all A specials should bypass gift eating.

Fixed an issue causing the first hit of Smother to fail playing its sound effect.


Fixed an issue where Pom’s dogs would sometimes not have their attacks canceled immediately when Pom is put into blockstun, as they should.

(Probably) fixed an issue causing Bark to not go through the full length of active hitboxes when deleting a projectile.

Fixed some specific interactions with Texas that would cause Pom’s dogs to not leave as soon as their health is depleted.

Fixed some dog layering issues that would cause Momma and Papa to appear in front of Texas during certain animations. Now they should layer behind Texas at all times as intended.

Fixed a cosmetic bug where players could see Momma “pop” out of existence when leaving the stage if she had to travel far enough. Momma will now fully leave the screen before despawning.


The invulnerability period for 7D has been shortened significantly.

This reversal is one of the most controversial abilities in the entire game. We’re finally addressing it after over a year of it slipping through many previous patches.

Tianhuo’s metergain has been adjusted across the board.

This finally lines Tianhuo up with the rest of the cast’s metergain adjustments in patch 3.0 for level 3 supers balancing. Until now, Tianhuo was operating on old metergain rules which don’t translate to 3.0+, as it makes her level 3 far too accessible. We want level 3 supers to remain special occurrences and not a regular part of every single game.


Fixed an issue causing a reversal level 1 super to instead come out as a normal after Shanty was buried by Texas Smash.

Fixed an issue where wallbounce stun would cause camera problems during Wall Cling attacks.

Fixed afterimages from installs (Shanty and Tianhuo in their level 2s), if active, being superimposed over the ship segment of Shanty’s level 3 super.


Texas now has a crouch idle animation.

The damage bonus from landing a Bullseye is no longer true damage. The attack now respects scaling rules.

Fixed an oversight that allowed Texas to gain more meter than other characters when being hit.

Fixed an issue where Bullseye benefits were not occurring during certain combos.

Fixed an issue where Air Cowbell would sometimes cause a wallstick instead of a wallbounce.

Fixed an issue where characters had varying recovery distances from Texas after being grabbed by Texas Smash. All characters should now have the same recovery distance.

Fixed an issue causing Stomp to have an inconsistent amount of armor.

Fixed an issue where Earth Pull would sometimes be jump cancelable.

Fixed an issue where Prairie Pummel would sometimes have inconsistent advantage frames, and sometimes fail to cause a hard knockdown.

Fixed a rare instance of Pummel Pillar having inconsistent periods of hitpause after activation.

Fixed an issue where the camera would not follow Texas properly during and after Pummel Pillar.

Fixed an issue in the Texas mirror match where if Pummel Pillar was used while the other player’s Pummel Pillar was still active, both the camera and the spawned rock objects would get displaced.

Fixed an issue where if Tianhuo hit Texas with her level 3 super while Pummel Pillar was active, the cutscene would play out with improper pacing.

Fixed an animation glitch where Texas would snap backwards suddenly after a successful back throw.

Texas is now properly able to be counterhit during Rodeo Run.


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