Today, Niantic announced details for Pokémon GO’s next Season: Rising Heroes, as well as raids, research breakthroughs and upcoming events. Trainers can look forward to the following:

Season 10: Rising Heroes

Pokémon GO’s new Season, Rising Heroes starts March 1, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. – June 1, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. local time. In this new Season, Trainers will see the return of Elite Raids and new events like Festival of Colors, Spring into Spring, An Everyday Hero + Team GO Rocket Takeover and more. Please visit the Rising Heroes blog for more information on what Trainers can expect this Season, including raids, events, new features and bonuses.

GO Battle League

GO Battle League returns as part of Season 10: Rising Heroes and Trainers can look forward to battling in competitions like the Fantasy Cup: Ultra League Edition, Color Cup: Great League Edition and more. Trainers’ GO Battle League rank will be reset and they will be able to redeem their end-of-season rewards on the battle screen. For more details on Cups, Leagues, and rewards, visit the GO Battle League blog.

Pokémon GO City Safari

During Rising Heroes, Pokémon GO will host an all-new live event: Pokémon GO City Safari, taking place from May 13, 2023, and May 14, 2023 in Milan, Italy. More details will be revealed soon.

You can find details on GO Battle League: Rising Heroes start date, rank resets, and end-of-Season rewards here, as well as Catch Mastery event information here.

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1+ y ago

hello is the news correct about the city safari zone in Milan, someone working for niantic looks like said that is fake and is not true. can you please confirm?


1+ y ago


This is 100% true. I have the press email sent to me straight from the PR team that handles Niantic's press releases. It's the same email address/point of contact that I've been working with for years. The only way this could be false information is if the person that put the press release together was given incorrect info, but they're yet to offer a retraction.


1+ y ago


thanks for the reply, that’s what we heard and people posting around involving global community managers etc. with my friends we found strange that only your site mentioned the event yet and niantic didn’t announce anything . did you try to ask for an update?

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