Do you long for the days of 3D platformers? There are a handful of choices out there, but the genre isn’t as popular as it used to be. Still, there are some developers working to bring that magic back to today’s audience, and the next game hoping to do so is Super Kiwi 64.

Super Kiwi 64 both plays and looks like a game from back in the late 90s, filled with 3D platforming pitfalls, tons of collectibles, and an animal in the starring role. There is a bit of a twist here, as players can tackle levels in any order they see fit, rather than having to make progress in a specific order.

Get ready to jump, glide, stick to walls, and corkscrew-attack when Super Kiwi 64 makes its way to Switch sometime in the future.


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2+ y ago

I've actually wanted to make something like this, a platformer that reflects that early 3d polygonal era. I'm gonna be rooting for this Kiwi!


2+ y ago

Bro this looks awesome, early 3d platformers are my cup of tea


2+ y ago

Still don't have enough 3D platformers, so looking forward to this. And that sub-title is why I come to GN!