An official GBA game hasn’t been released in well over a decade, but fans have been keeping the platform alive with various homebrew releases. One of the latest examples of that is Sips, an idle business management sim.

Sips, developed by Jono Shields, is a single-screen game that takes place in a coffee shop. The goal is to upgrade your coffee ship through a menu, and as is the case with idle games, purchasing an upgrade means you need to wait time for money to come in, allowing for another upgrade. It’s a passive experience, but an interesting one nonetheless.

If you want to take a closer look at Sips or perhaps download it for yourself, you can find the official page here.

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Very cool to see people are still creating new experiences for the GBA! : D

You know I always look at those different older consoles like platforms with a unique flavour of media for games. Therefore it is sad when support kinda stops for other flavours when a new flavour is being introduced. I mean we can still enjoy new wonderful original oil paintings that people made when we open up for it. Not everyone is only about paintings made in VR these days. GBA is a really interesting choice to create new experiences for I think. I think it would be awesome to see other (well known) developers having a break with their habits, and see them create something unique (or at least a well made port of a next gen title) for one of these other game (flavour) consoles once in a while. When you think about it, the most impressive Game Cube game ever might still be in the works : o

...and I'd like to have some Sips ^-^

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1+ y ago

Decades? It's been 15 years.