Visual novel with JRPG influences 'Mato Anomalies' now out on Switch

The City of Mato Finally Opens Its Gates

10 March 2023
by znbashi 1

Mato Anomalies, a visual novel game with JRPG influences developed by Arrowiz, is now available on Nintendo Switch, priced at $39.99.

Playing as detective Doe, the player must unravel the mysteries of Mato Anomalies when. To celebrate the Launch, Prime Matter and Arrowiz prepared a captivating launch trailer, alongside a music video.

Throughout the game’s anime-inspired visual novel storyline, the player, together with his/her companions, will discover many secrets while working to unravel the mysteries that the neo-noir city of Mato has to offer. Detective Doe must find a way to stop the dark forces that are plotting behind the scenes of this neon-filled backdrop.


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1+ y ago

This SHOULD be right up my alley considering I love visual novels and JRPGs.
The Reviews are painting a different picture however. They tried hard to replicate the Persona series and then some. But their attempts at copying fall flat and their new ideas, like a card game, aren't much better. The story seems to be very philosophical which kinda destroyed The Silver Case for me too.
That said I'm going to pass on this one.