GDC is right around the corner and the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia is bringing major heat to the show! Under the SwissGames banner, four game studios are preparing to show off their exciting new action roguelikes and adorable adventure titles, ensuring there will never be a dull moment at the SwissGames booth, #N2903.

Munch is a third-person action roguelike with a unique evolution mechanic. In a medieval time, an alchemical accident causes mutations to outpace evolution in the animal kingdom. Control a small and innocent creature in this new fight for dominance, eating your way up the food chain to mutate new abilities and grow into the ultimate apex predator.

Seven Dwarfs: Legends Untold is an epic co-op action-RPG where teams of up to four players dive into the world of the Seven Dwarfs and aim to save Snow White from her unenviable fate by fending off enemies and defeating the scheming queen’s evil plans. Each dwarf is a unique character with distinct mechanics and skills that evolve throughout the game. Drawing from the roguelike genre, each playthrough takes the players on an untold fairytale journey that changes with every run. Throughout, Snow White is an elaborately envisioned first-class NPC, whose mysterious powers guide the storyline.

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