Square Enix recently hosted an hour-long video feature on Chrono Cross that included all sorts of unique insight and details from the dev team on the original, as well as the remaster. One such detail pertained to artwork from the original game, which it turns out, was never fully completed.

According to Producer Koichiro Sakamoto and Project Manager Mariko Sato, Character Designer Nobuteru Yuuki created new artwork for the recent remaster. This wasn’t in an effort to spruce things up, but actually because some artwork from the original release was never finished. This remaster was a chance to revisit those incomplete pieces and not only revamp, but wrap them up.

We also asked Mr. Nobuteru Yuuki to refine the character illustrations. Some of the original illustrations were actually unfinished. So we had Mr. Yuuki draw them…

…There are so many great characters. Some people may be emotionally invested in the original illustrations. So we let you switch between the original and the remastered versions…

…Some of the color filling is a bit different. Some people will be able to tell the difference.

[Producer Koichiro Sakamoto]

Initially, I went to ask if we could use the illustrations. He had a few regrets about them and he said, “Let me redraw them.” That sounded like a boon for us, so I asked him to do it.

Initially, we were just asking to use them. But there are so many characters in Chrono Cross that I wondered if he could get it done on time. He said, “Let me check my schedule!” And he managed to get it done on time.

[ Project Manager Mariko Sato]

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