The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will be Nintendo’s very first $70 traditional game. The rest of the industry has been doing $70 games for awhile now, and many were hoping Nintendo would buck that trend. They certainly did for awhile, but that’s soon to change.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Nintendo’s Doug Bowser opened up on Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom being $70. According to Bowser, TotK is going to pack in enough content to warrant the price hike.

We look at what the game has to offer. I think fans will find this is an incredibly full, deeply immersive experience. The price point reflects the type of experience that fans can expect when it comes to playing this particular game. This isn’t a price point that we’ll necessarily have on all our titles. It’s actually a fairly common pricing model either here or in Europe or other parts of the world, where the pricing may vary depending on the game itself.

[Doug Bowser]

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If TOTK offers the same hours of gameplay BOTW gave me, then it’ll be one of the cheapest games per hour.
Plus BOTW was/is €70 in Europe as is TOTK so for many there is no price increase.

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I think it is very likely that the increased price point is due to the higher capacity (and thus costlier) cartridge being used. And if that is indeed the case, I would vastly prefer if Doug Bowser just plainly stated this. It seems like a far more fair and objective reason than vague descriptions about how full, deep, and immersive the game is.


1+ y ago

If I had to pay $70 for the original BOTW game, I wouldn't have felt it was unfair. I really did get a TON of enjoyment out of that game and there was a lot of great content. But that doesn't let BOTW2 off the hook. If I feel like I'm retreading the same Hyrule or essentially playing the first game again, I'll wonder why I spent $70 on something that borrowed so much from its predecessor.

So I guess we'll see what they do to justify the price.


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I’m 95% sure that’s the reason, like the “Switch tax” on certain third party games early on. (Does that still happen? I stopped paying attention.) If Prime 4 doesn’t make it out this hardware cycle, TotK could end up being the only $70 first-party game on Switch.

It’s also likely to be the most expensive game Nintendo’s produced, except something recent is always the most expensive game companies have produced so that doesn’t explain much.

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Indeed, I believe retail Wii U BotW had a lower price tag in europe (like €50 or €60?) but it came out a little later. I didn't want to wait for that so I payed €70 as well to download BotW. But if it came out at the same date I probably went for the retail version.


1+ y ago

Tell them Doug! You're telling them how much better is this game will be than everything else.!


1+ y ago

Just give this game shitloads of quality content, Nintendo! ANd I think you will.

cheesus 2

1+ y ago

The 3 whole new enemies we've seen so far hasn't exactly convinced me so far, I'm hoping they go all out in the Direct.