Here’s a little Pac-Man history you might not know. The original Ms Pac-Man game was a modded version of a game called Crazy Otto, which was created by General Computer Corporation (GCC) in the US. Through a deal with Midway and GCC, Ms. Pac-Man was birthed. The thing is, GCC still retains some rights to Ms. Pac-Man, whereas Bandai Namco holds all the other Pac-Man rights.

If Bandai Namco wants to use Ms. Pac-Man in their games, they have to strike a deal with GCC. This has been a point of dispute for quite some time, which is forcing Bandai Namco to tweak any Pac-Man re-releases that feature Ms. Pac-Man.

The latest victim of this rebranding is Arcade Archives: Pac-Land, which originally featured Ms. Pac-Man. If you snag this re-release on Switch, you’ll see that Pac-Mom has replaced Ms. Pac-Man. This may not be a monumental loss for most players, but Pac-Man purists and diehards are quite miffed to see the change.

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1+ y ago

It gets worse, GCC sold their royalties owed to AtGames.


1+ y ago

So no Arcade Archives MS. PAC-MAN...?