Gameloft has shared a new dev blog for Disney Speedstorm, and this one shares details on the Regulated Multiplayer mode.

Regulated Multiplayer races are quite similar to Ranked Multiplayer races but there are some very important differences that set them apart. During Early Access, there will only be one Regulated Multiplayer event active at any one time, and you will be able to play with any of your previously unlocked racers. Regulated Multiplayer events will also have some “Guest Racers” available, providing a great way to try out other racers, even if you do not yet have them unlocked yourself.

The real differentiator between Regulated Multiplayer & Ranked Multiplayer is the fact that all competing racers will be on a level playing field. This encompasses a number of things which are listed below:

  • All racers are set to the exact same Upgrade Level.
  • All racers are set to the exact same Star Level.
  • Crews are not active.

These parameters guarantee that all racers are on a level playing field and pure racing skill will decide the outcome of the race! One important thing to note is that while Crews are disabled for this mode, you are still able to customize your racer and kart appearances!

There are no Ranks or Leagues in Regulated Multiplayer, and the Score Points from Ranked Multiplayer are replaced by Regulated Multiplayer Points, which you earn by completing Regulated Multiplayer races. Your finishing position and current amount of Regulated Multiplayer Points determines how many you earn each race.

Earning enough Regulated Multiplayer Points will help you progress through milestones which will grant you rewards, including Multiplayer Coins and cosmetics. Regulated Multiplayer events are not tied to a Season like Ranked Multiplayer so when an event ends, your Regulated Multiplayer Points are reset to zero.

Matchmaking works similarly to Regulated Multiplayer but, in this case, is purely based on your current Regulated Multiplayer Points total, meaning the system will always try to match you with players with a similar Regulated Multiplayer Points total.

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