We’ve known for quite some time now that Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario in a multitude of games, would be popping up in the Super Mario Bros. movie as well. The thing is, we didn’t know what role Martinet would be taking on. Well, today brings us potential information on what Charles tackled in this big-name project.

The credits for the Super Mario Bros. movie are chock-full of notable Hollywood actors and more, but obviously, the roles are a bit different around the world. It’s the Spanish dub that’s of particular interest to us, as Universal Pictures has shared the complete breakdown of who’s who, including Charles Martinet.

If you don’t want things spoiled, please turn back right now!

According to the Spanish credits information, Charles Martinet will be playing a character named Giuseppe, but that’s not all. Martinet is also listed in the credits as voicing Mario’s father! If that turns out to be true, it’s certainly a lovely nod for Martinet, and a big moment for Mario fans in general!

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1+ y ago

Hollywood being what it is, this is at least one of the more respectful outcomes we could've gotten.


1+ y ago

I'm glad they've made some space for Martinet, even in this smaller capacity. He deserves some recognition for establishing the way Mario sounds.


1+ y ago

So... Pappa mia!? =D


1+ y ago

Super glad to see Martinet have an official voice role in this film. He’s earned it after so many years of doing excellent, series defining voices.


1+ y ago

It showed up on IMDB a few days ago.