The Super Mario Bros. Movie hits theaters in just a few days. What better way to enjoy its release than with a heaping helping of popcorn? If you’re looking to enjoy the movie in style, AMC has you covered with the reveal of an exclusive Super Mario Bros. Movie themed popcorn tin.

The tin is shaped like a question mark block and will be available at AMC theaters beginning on April 5th to coincide with the movie’s release. The price will be $14.99, which includes a large popcorn. After the movie, you’re free to take the tin home, wash it out, and fill it with more popcorn (or mushrooms, or stars, or fire flowers…)

The Super Mario Bros. Movie will be in theaters on April 5, 2023.

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1+ y ago

Well damn, guess I'm buying from the concession stand for the first time in over a decade? Regular prices? Too inflated? Regular themed tins for blockbusters? Just a cylinder with some movie art on it. But this? This is classy. It's a perfect thematic tie-in and it'll look great around the house--an heirloom proudly bearing all the random stuff I can't decide where to put for decades to come.


1+ y ago

Maybe it's not the largest tin (it's hard to tell its actual size) but that doesn't seem too bad a price when you consider what theaters are charging for just a disposable bucket these days. And it's really neat-looking. I'd probably get one of these if there was an AMC anywhere near me.


1+ y ago

Just checked with the theater, A large popcorn is around $11, for $4 more you get the tin. It’s kind of hard to say no