Sea of Stars is an RPG unabashedly inspired by the 16-bit era of Japanese RPGs. Even just looking at screenshots of the game recalls the best of the era and that’s not an accident.

Developer Sabotage Studio’s CEO and Sea of Stars’ creative director, Thierry Boulanger, is a huge fan of the genre and has been building towards making a game like this for since he started building the fantasy world Sea of Stars and The Messenger takes place in during Elementary school.

Dozens of classic JRPGs inspired Sea of Stars’ development, but in this Game Informer interview, the team asked Boulanger to narrow it down to just three.

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Very interesting video. It would be amazing if Sea of Stars manages to bring experiences similar to what it is influenced by. But I certainly hope its spirit manages to stay fresh and whole as well while doing so ^-^ This game is looking very good!

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