There’s been a ton of talk about Mario lately, all thanks to the Super Mario Bros. movie. Much of that talk has been about Mario himself and Chris Pratt taking the reigns as his latest voice actor.

When Pratt was revealed as the voice of Mario, fans were absolutely enraged by the decision. They wondered if Pratt would put on a faux Italian accent for the film, why Charles Martinet was skipped over, and just how the character would change. All of this led to a greater discussion about Mario and his Italian heritage.

Mario being Italian isn’t really explored in any of the games, but it’s a part of the character’s history. The movie certainly touches on some of these elements, but still leaves room for a much bigger discussion. That’s why Kotaku took to the streets of NYC to ask Italians how they feel about Mario in general. You can see what they had to say in the video above.

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