Kloa: Child of the Forest confirmed for Switch release

Over the river and through the woods to Switch

11 April 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

The devs behind Kloa: Child of the Forest were looking to secure funding for their game via Kickstarter, and that campaign included a stretch goal for Switch. Now with the Kickstarter closed and the final numbers tallied, we can see a Switch version is a lock, as the stretch goal was met with ease. We can now expect the game to arrive sometime in Q4 2023.

In Kloa: Child of the Forest, the forest is dying. The Ikari curse responsible for this travesty is as mysterious as it is dangerous, and it means to consume everything. As the curse taints the land, it has also been shown to corrupt animals and twist them into mindless monsters with a burning hatred.

You are Kloa - a human child - and the only hope to restore the forest and its inhabitants to their natural state. Guide Kloa’s steps and help her in cleansing the curse from the land; perhaps you’ll discover more than you could have ever imagined.

Uncover a world of natural beauty, friendly animals, and a variety of different biomes as you progress on your journey. Hand-drawn pixel art lends itself to the unique environments around you whilst paying homage to classic top-down games. You’ll come across intriguing puzzles that will allow you to unearth the secrets of the forest.

Experience action-based combat with your choice of a katana or bow. Achieve melee combat combos and attacks, guard and deflect projectiles, dash to avoid enemy hits, and pierce your foes with Kloa’s special “soul bow.” Purchase items and upgrade your skills using Tanuki Leaves. Acquire new attacks and equipment to fight your enemies.

Unravel a compelling and emotional story enriched with an orchestral soundtrack inspired by traditional Japanese music.

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