The Super Mario Bros. Movie director explains how floating blocks work

"Floatanium" almost redefined the Mario universe

11 April 2023
by camcritiques 2

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has been breaking records across the world, and it’s been largely praised for its faithfulness to the Mario games. Though, in sticking so closely to the source material, it’s got a few mechanics that typically wouldn’t work in film logic, such as floating blocks. However, while no explanation was offered for floating platforms in the film, Aaron Horvath, one of the film’s directors, had this to say in an interview with Variety:

“Our idea was that there’s a mineral that’s natural to the Mushroom Kingdom, which we call ‘floatanium,’ because it sounded funny to us,” Horvath says. “The Toads mine it and transform it into these blocks and use them for construction purposes.”


With this explanation not being in the film, it’s unclear whether or not this explanation could be considered canon. But, after nearly 40 years, it’s nice to finally have some sort of official explanation as to why the Mushroom Kingdom is filled with floating structures.

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1+ y ago

I remember Superstar Saga had a block research laboratory at the Woohoo Hooniversity. This is a fun nugget of info; you always wonder what causes Mario's surreal universe to work as it does.


1+ y ago


It's clear that TOP.MEN. at Nintendo have already figured everything out about Mario.