CyberStep, Inc. is excited to announce that the Switch visual novel Isekai Junior Manager, developed by PandaShojo, will be available in the eShop for $19.90 starting today.

Isekai Junior Manager is a visual novel game in which the protagonist, who is reborn as a noble family in Isekai was exiled and fallen. He develops his unique products using his skills and modern knowledge. He cooperates with heroines with various characteristics to sell and become the best manager in the Isekai.

This Bishojo Game released in 2021 under the “Calcite” brand has been reworked for the “PandaShojo” platform for players of all ages worldwide to enjoy.

The protagonist, who died in an accident in modern Japan, was reborn in an Isekai as Kurth Lammertz, the third son of a noble family. However, with no talent for sword or magic, and a disappointing set of skills from his baptism, his family shunned and exiled him to the frontier…

An incident triggered Kurth’s memory of his previous life, he decides to use his modern knowledge to create products that don’t exist in the Isekai and start his own business. A beautiful elf with various connections, a dwarven girl with first-class blacksmithing skills, a beautiful Arlaune woman with a wealth of magical knowledge…

Cooperating with heroines with various characteristics, Kurth aims to become the greatest merchant in the Isekai.

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