Jim Carrey has been on the press junket for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for a few weeks now, but a recent interview Jim sat down for had to be a breath of fresh air.

Yahoo! Entertainment has a series of interviews where they have two young kids ask celebrities questions about their projects. Jim Carrey was the focus of this ‘Kid Gloves’ interview, and he’s asked a number of questions about the Sonic sequel, and the Sonic universe in general.

One particularly fun moment in the interview comes when the kids as Carrey why he’s always trying to beat Sonic, as they think he’ll never be able to do it. Carrey, slipping into his Robotnik role for a moment, says that maybe one day he’ll get lucky and score a victory over the Blue Blur. You can check out the full video interview here.

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2+ y ago

kinda cool, will probably need to watch the movies some day, great unique actor, would really like to see him and rowan atkinson in a movie together. Big gestures humor combined with "finesse humor" could be the greatest combination of our time if it works.


2+ y ago


I’ll watch anything with Rowan in it. Love that man. What a gifted actor!