Arcana of Paradise -The Tower-, the real-time roguelike deckbuilding adventure developed by Tasto Alpha and published by SHUEISHA GAMES, (previously titled The Tower -To the Bottom-), launches today on Switch with a 22% launch discount ending on April 26th.

Embark on a tarot-inspired, topsy-turvy journey from the mind of Masaoki Shindo (Ruri Dragon) and Tom Ikeda (Black Bird, Rule of Rose, Director) complimented by an eccentric soundtrack by Jun Fukuda (No More Heroes, Lollipop Chainsaw). Tend to the survival of a fellowship of kids isolated at the top of a mysterious tower. Venture into the cavernous halls below in search of sustenance, treasure, and a rumored paradise while defending against an onslaught of malevolent monsters.

Buddy up to form the perfect duo and descend into the belly of the Tower. Strategically choose from a total of 20 playable children across 3 classes with distinct starting cards and passive traits, then build a deck with more than 100 tarot-inspired playing cards.

Unleash cards wisely and quickly, as the real-time card combat akin to Active Time Battles from classic RPGs requires quick-draw reflexes. Place offensive cards in rapid succession to string together devastating combos, and assume a protective stance with shield cards played in advance of enemy attacks. Combine defensive cards with perfect timing to parry incoming strikes that put opponents in a daze, and keep healing cards on hand to prolong survival.

Reshuffle the deck if dealt a bad hand, paying close attention to card orientation. An upside-down card can flip battle plans in an instant with surprising effects both positive and negative. Every victorious skirmish results in a choice - will the party return with additional bread to feed their fellow Tower mates, or continue to stack the deck in their favor with battle cards to delve deeper into the depths of the Tower?

Unlock new cards, children and items during each run, encounter peculiar inhabitants of the Tower, and unravel the mystery of the Sacred Tree requiring the sacrifice of life-giving bread for special rewards. Toting a full deck and looking for a fresh challenge? Race to the bottom in Online Ranked Mode to challenge the highest-skilled pairings on the planet.

Arcana of Paradise -The Tower- is now available on Switch for $19.99 with a 22% discount available from launch day until April 26th, and the official soundtrack is available for $9.99. Language support includes English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, French, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese text.

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